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You have a divine blueprint. A spiritual contract. What is it? Let's play together so that you may find it, awaken it, step into it and fulfill it.

I don't have a master system, a 50 steps program, a social media formula or any of the other marketing programs that you see online to maximize the number of new clients and profits as quickly as possible. If that is what you are looking for this may not be for you.

I've walked the path of entrepreneur and seeker for decades simultaneously, yet separately. In 2021, I closed the doors of my real estate company to find a way to bring these two paths together and empower entrepreneurs, specifically those who are soul driven.

How? Helping the entrepreneur to truly feel, see and understand what will make them happy while serving those souls they embodied to assist. How valuable is it to get clear on your core and from this strong core build your business around the life you want?

You are not meant to suffer. Is it time for you to surrender? Surrender the will of your ego to the guidance of your soul?

Together we interact so that you find your natural frequency that expresses what you truly came to share. From there you uncover the characteristics of who you came to serve. Using those discoveries you piece together a business that calls to those you embodied to serve. One that emits the frequency that resonates with you and your audience.


P.S. You are invited to participate. Check in with your own inner guidance for confirmation.

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Video - Putting It All Together Part 1
Video - Putting It All Together Part 2
  • Intuitive business problem solving - Stuck? Confirmation? Direction?

    1 hr 15 min

    222 US dollars
  • Release energy that may be blocking you from moving in your desired di...

    1 hr

    188 US dollars
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Business Core 3x



Three 1:1 zoom sessions 75 minutes each - booked directly on Kathryn's calendar

Valid for 6 months

Business Core 3 Calls


Business Core 6X



Six 1:1 zoom sessions 75 minutes each - booked directly on Kathryn's calendar

Valid for 9 months

Business Core 6 Calls


Business Core 9x



Nine 1:1 zoom sessions of 75 minutes each - booked directly on Kathryn's calendar

Valid for 12 months

Business Core 9 Calls

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Business Core Calls - interact with Kathryn 1:1 via zoom. Get the core of your offering and then building from there step by step. Tailored to each individual. Goal is to create a strong foundation and clarity to keep you focused as you build and grow.
Should you need monthly pay for a Business Core package email
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  • year long
  • advanced
  • intimate group program
  • limited to just 8 participants
  • interactive
  • bi-monthly
  • live virtual sessions
  • recordings available
  • 1:1 pre-interview with Kathryn
  • Next Guild - To be announced (2024)
email to be notified

Growth & Grace  Guild

Gain the "inner"-standing that what we are building is love.


Energy basics

Things that trip us up

Group power

Learning from others

New ideas

Sparks of inspiration


Guided meditations

Tarot images


Activities (group & individual)


A strong core to empower your offering


  • Uncover your divine blueprint

  • Align with the frequency of your plan

  • Clarify your products and services

  • Discover who you came to serve

  • Awaken your plan, step into it, fulfill it.

  • For content creators, coaches, transformers & healers

  • Personal session with Kathryn included

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Coming Soon
Frequency Meditation

Kathryn facilitated a deeply powerful somatic healing session for me that allowed for a huge release of stored emotional pain.


I felt completely safe, held and seen to allow all of the emotions and sensations to come to the surface. The experience left me feeling lighter and free to move forward without the painful memories causing anymore internal suffering.


What a gift!



Kathryn was totally professional, totally helpful, totally went out of her way to go above and beyond the call of duty for her "problem children", was totally honest, was totally informative, was totally a joy to be around.

Jim & Susan


Do you feel trapped inside yourself? Like you really wish to be seen and heard and have the opportunity to share your gifts, your knowledge, your dream, but you don’t have a clue of how
do that.


Well, that is how I felt. Then Kathryn enters the scene, she takes my blindfold off, she takes my hand and suddenly I feel that trust, that certainty that my dream is not just possible, is coming true step by step, at my rhythm, gently and easily. Kathryn has the gift to show you how it is done, and she helps you to do it in your own way. Her support is always there. Her intuition is like a powerful laser that can identify your obstacles and with her amazing kit of tools, the obstacles are overcome swiftly.

Kathryn is a blessing in my life.



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