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Boredom is telling me what?

We've all said in our inner voice to ourselves at some point, "I'm bored." Often when that happens we tell ourselves that we want something new, exciting or playful to distract us or entertain us. BUT is that really boredom's message?

I was in my garden and greenhouse the other day. I love playing there. However this day I noticed I was feeling off, distracted. I stopped and checked in with self. What am I feeling? What came to me was boredom.

That's odd. I don't normally feel bored. That is not a common emotion for me and especially not in the garden. That got me curious. I filled myself with some ruby light of the divine mother. Almost everything in life can be helped with a little love and light from divine mother energy.

A few days later I came across an explanation for the feeling of boredom that was a real aha moment for me. I wanted to share that with you.

Boredom... is when we are forcing ourselves to do something we don't want to do.

Boredom, is showing you that you're not using your energy at the vibration that brings you joy.

We are here in this life to be of service to ourselves, not society, religion, work, conditioning, making money, family or anything else. Yet, it is often in these other pursuits where we look for validation, worth and purpose. We do things to be helpful. We find ourself in the people pleaser or caregiver mode.

When we are doing things because we have to, or to please others, or to make the rent or mortgage payment, or because we've been conditioned into thinking that's what people do, then we suffer. We suffer by loosing or leaking our energy.

Boredom may not show up while you are doing any particular activity, but perhaps a few hours or a day or so later boredom shows up to get your attention. It is not trying to get you attention so that you distract yourself with entertainment. It shows up to let you know that you were participating in some kind of activity or service that was NOT from a joyful place?

Boredom is letting you know that when you are giving from any space other than joy, then you are leaking your energy.

Have you ever done something because you had to? Or attended an event out of obligation? Or show up for work daily at a job that doesn't fulfill you?

When we show up from our inner joy we are no longer bored. We participate in work that feels fulfilling. We go where our hearts feel drawn and alive. Doors open as if by magic for abundance to flow into our experience.

P.S. As this aha moment was dawning in my awareness I tried to pinpoint the activity in my recent past that may have precipitated this feeling of boredom. At the time we had contractors at our home doing lots of work and the best I could come up with was taking on some activity related to that with a feeling of obligation, irritation or resentment. I am so grateful for this lesson.


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