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Un-Indentify with Perfectionism

In preparing for a recent session of the Growth and Grace Guild for entrepreneurs, I found myself on a fascinating journey into the world of perfectionism. Do you ever wear perfectionism like a badge of honor? If so, you might be surprised by what I discovered.

It felt like I had opened Pandora's box, then took a tumble down Alice's rabbit hole, and it all seemed as endless as Hermione's bag in Harry Potter. As I began to assemble so many bits of information, an idea popped into my head to create a video listing some of the aspects of perfectionism. Why? Because perfectionism is not a badge of honor to wear and be proud of. It really points to deeper aspects of fear and self-doubt that keep us stuck and limit our potential.

It is time to uncouple ourselves from the grip of perfectionism and find out how beautiful we are on our own. Identifying with perfectionism only strengthens its grip over our behaviors and patterns.

I invite you to step back and UN-identify with perfectionism and see it for what it really is.

I invite you to share something that spoke in this content. Your share may help others unmask perfectionism and take back their identity, so thank you.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Have you ever found yourself trapped in the pursuit of perfection? Share your story in the comments below or simply click 'like' if you resonated with this post. If you know someone struggling with perfectionism, consider sharing this video with them. Together, we can unmask perfectionism and embrace our authentic selves. #UnIdentifyWithPerfectionism"


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