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Kathryn Gorham

Entrepreneur Coach specializing in Heart Centered Businesses Approach




Kathryn has taken her 40 years of personal development studies and practices and married them with her 20 years of growing a successful real estate company resulting in this new offering. Purple Door Entrepreneur a Heart Centered Business Approach where Kathryn weaves together her life wisdom and her intuitive skills with her business experience to assist entrepreneurs in getting results now.

Why? The year 2020 ushered in a wave of entrepreneurial start ups and we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. I believe that by the end of the decade when we look back entrepreneurial start ups will stand out as one of the top growth areas and that that growth will continue for decades to come.


I choose to focus on entrepreneurs with a heart centered business approach, because I want these entrepreneurs to succeed and succeed abundantly. I want to obliterate any lingering bits of the old story of heart centered beings giving more value than they receive.  That is not the highest magic. Neither party is truly honored in that approach. Nor is it a sustainable business model.


Many heart centered owners don't resonate with the old male system of control, 80 hour work weeks, constant goal achieving, pushy marketing, end goal of money at all costs, work before family and fun. I believe entrepreneurs with heart centered values need an approach that matches their values so that they can truly shine. They are needed now more than ever. Bringing their unique style and gifts to schoolroom Earth now is crucial as their presence helps transform fear with love every single day where it is very much needed.


It is time for the masculine and feminine energies to come into balance globally. That balance will not come through large corporations, but rather through impactful entrepreneurs as they change the world and how we value each other.


I matter.
My happiness matters.

My needs matter.

special Thank you

A special thank you and appreciation to Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels for inspiration, tools and ideas used in Purple Door Entrepreneur. Belinda's Accelerated Discovery Program from the 12 Archangels. 

I surrender to the calling of my soul.