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Guiding entrepreneurs to align their business with their soul's purpose

Entrepreneur Coach 
Kathryn Gorham 

Purple Ocean and Door

Heart Centered Business Approach for Entrepreneurs

At Purple Door Entrepreneur, we want to help you find success on your terms. Our heart-centered approach takes into account who you are and the gifts you have to offer the world.


We understand that not everyone follows a linear path—and that’s where our business coaching comes in. We provide gentle guidance and support so that you can make the right decisions for your business and your life.


We believe in empowering entrepreneurs to trust their intuition and make choices that honor their vision of success.


So, embrace who you are—and let us help you create a sustainable business that will support you for years to come!

Having walked the path of self-discovery since the early 80s in congruence with decades of entrepreneurial experience, Kathryn has mastered the balance between inner and outer success.  Allow her to support your own journey as you share your gifts and create the positive impact in the world that you are destined to.

Using a heart-centred business approach Kathryn will guide you at your unique pace to awaken, implement and grow your individual service. Success is inevitable.


Why reinvent the wheel when you can have someone hold your hand and guide you to the result you want?

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Unlocking Your Potential

At Purple Door Entrepreneur we specialize in business coaching with a heart-centered approach. We believe that every entrepreneur has a unique path to success and our mission is to guide them on that journey. Our heart-centered approach encourages entrepreneurs to follow the guidance of their soul, which supports them in creating a business that aligns with their natural tendencies and leads to ultimate happiness.


Our coaching services are designed to help entrepreneurs create and accelerate:

  • A deeper understanding of personal values and how they align with business goals

  • The ability to attract ideal clients who align with these values

  • Making decisions that feel more natural and effortless

  • A more authentic and fulfilling business experience

  • A more enjoyable and sustainable business journey

  • Creation of a strong foundation for the business

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs that may be preventing the entrepreneur from reaching their full potential

  • Ease in navigating challenges

  • Continued love of working with clients as the business grows

  • More authentic, fulfilling and successful business experience overall that rewards you abundantly

  • Setting the stage for the ultimate success: true happiness


Our approach is tailored to each individual client, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance they need to achieve their business goals.


We understand that starting and growing a business can be challenging, but with our support, entrepreneurs can build a business that is fulfilling and successful.


Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we're here to help you every step of the way. Let's work together to create a business that aligns with your soul's purpose and brings you joy and fulfillment.

The New Business Paradigm

Welcome to the new business paradigm for entrepreneurs, a shift towards a more heart-centered approach to entrepreneurship and leadership. This new paradigm is a departure from the traditional, patriarchal model of business, characterized by control, fear, doubt, and a focus on individual achievement.


Instead, it embraces the divine feminine, bringing with it qualities such as courage, confidence, authenticity, intuition, and vulnerability. These qualities allow for deeper connections with ourselves and others, leading to greater cooperation, collaboration, and creativity.


Inspiration is also key in this paradigm, as it drives us to create businesses that are meaningful and impactful. As we move forward in this new age, it's time to let go of fear and control and show up authentically, taking a deeper, more targeted approach to marketing.


Together, we can contribute to this awakening and create a new business paradigm that is inclusive, compassionate, and truly makes a positive impact on the world.


I believe we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg. Remember that this new business paradigm is not just a trend, but a shift towards a new way of thinking and operating.


Entrepreneurs who embrace this approach will not only see success in the short term, but also be well-positioned for long-term growth and sustainability.


As we look to the future, we can expect to see a surge in entrepreneurial startups in the 2020s, with a continued focus on authenticity, cooperation, and inspiration. I believe this new way of doing business will be the norm for decades to come.

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