Entrepreneur Coach, Kathryn Gorham 

specializing in

Heart Centered Business Approach

Create and live your soul's calling

Heart Centered Business Approach for

Empowering you to bring your entrepreneurial dreams into reality as you inspire and impact the world.

New entrepreneurs

  • Start a new business, service, product

  • Grow an idea

  • Discover what you really want to give

Established entrepreneurs

  • Expand your current business

  • Uplevel your success

  • Breakthrough the overwhelm and struggle

  • Refine your vision

  • Earn what you are worth

  • Clear obstacles and upgrade skills

  • Overcome stagnation

Fill me with the awareness of my value, of what I'm here to give.

What can I do that is in alignment with my soul that will provide for me, that will make me feel better about myself and direction, and will get me out of my old story.

Get on track to presenting yourself and your service in ways that have clients coming to you. 

Three Keys to Attracting All the Clients You Want


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The New Business Paradigm

With the world changing all around us and the old ways of showing up no longer providing fulfillment, many of us are forging new paths. 


The decade of the 2020s started out with more than any of us bargained for or expected, a world facing a pandemic and lock downs. A world where we were paid to stay home. A world where companies and jobs that existed yesterday, have closed their doors today. A time when the majority worked from home. Schools became virtual. Our conversations became virtual. Things began changing for everyone, everywhere on a global scale.


Having experienced a different and new approach as to how the world functioned, workers started thinking differently. Business owners started thinking differently. You too may have started thinking differently. Many on the leading edge seeing things evolve got creative and started to move away from the old and embrace the new. They became entrepreneurs.


I believe we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg. By the end of this decade, 2029, I believe the biggest growth area will be entrepreneurs creating services and businesses in their own way, a new way. And I believe that growth will continue for decades.


"Unless you leave room for serendipity...
how can the divine enter?"

Joseph Campbell

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Results you can expect

Your willingness and participation determine the level of benefit and result you receive.

  • More FUN in your business

  • Accomplish more and work less

  • Incorporate the Universal Laws in your favor

  • Strong vision, supportive action plan, receptive clients

  • Clear offerings that invite new customers

  • Marketing that speak directly to the client's needs

  • Confidence and courage to follow through

  • Build a strong client base

  • Reduced or eliminated struggle

  • Grow revenue to support you

  • Treat yourself as important 

  • Consistent financial flow 

  • Take your business to the next level

  • Freedom to live the life you want 

  • Time off for yourself to vacation

  • Abundance in all areas of your life

  • Step by step actions tailored to your needs

What if you could?

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