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Welcome to the New Business Paradigm Community at Purple Door Entrepreneur


Experience a new way of doing business - one that values connection, collaboration, and making a difference in the world.

Welcome to the New Business Paradigm Community. This isn't just a group - it's a movement. We are a collective of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are initiating a transformative shift. We're moving away from the traditional, hierarchical, and patriarchal models of business that value control, fear, and individual success. We're embracing a new business paradigm - one that honors courage, authenticity, intuition, and vulnerability.


Imagine an entrepreneurial journey where inspiration isn't a luxury, but the very engine that drives your success. Imagine a business model that leverages the divine feminine, leading to a more holistic, compassionate, and inclusive approach to leadership. Imagine a world where your business not only flourishes but also contributes to uplifting humanity. This is what we're creating in the New Business Paradigm Community.


Our community leaves behind the old paradigm where joining is merely a transaction - you pay, you join, the leader feeds, directs, and delivers, while participants take for themselves. Here, we believe in an interconnected network, where communication flows effectively and every member contributes. It's a decentralized group where each member carries the responsibility of participation, driving the growth of the whole.


As a member of the New Business Paradigm Community, your transformation will be more than just a shift in business tactics. It will be a transformation of the soul, as you align your entrepreneurial aspirations with your deep desire to contribute positively to the world.


Your journey here won't be a solo endeavor. It will be a cooperative exploration, as we tap into the collective wisdom of our community, working together towards more creative, innovative, and impactful solutions. Your insights and contributions will not only enhance your own growth but will uplift the entire community.


In our immersive environment, we present relevant, meaningful content that speaks to soul-driven entrepreneurs. Every discussion, every shared experience, every revelation you encounter here will be attuned to the shift we are collectively embracing. As you learn to embody the new business paradigm, your entrepreneurial journey will become a path of personal growth, empowerment, and deep fulfillment.


By joining us, you are not just transforming your approach to business; you are embracing a path that intertwines personal growth, social impact, and financial success. In this interconnected ecosystem, your success contributes to a larger mission of elevating humanity through business.


As we journey together, we'll inspire each other, support each other, and challenge each other to expand beyond our comfort zones. We will cultivate the courage to be vulnerable, to express our authentic selves, and to harness our intuition in service of our business and collective goals. This is a community that thrives on sharing, learning, and growing together.


We are more than a community - we are a shift. A shift towards a more enlightened way of doing business. The new paradigm is here, and it's happening within the New Business Paradigm Community.


Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to be part of this transformative journey towards a more fulfilling, impactful way of doing business? We invite you to bring your passion, your purpose, and your unique gifts to our collective table. Join the New Business Paradigm Community today - and let's uplift humanity together.

Step into the New Business Paradigm Community through the Purple Door of Entrepreneurship and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that ignites soulful business transformations. Forge genuine connections, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and revel in success, powered by a deep sense of joy and gratitude. Together, let's redefine business and prosperity, crafting a future that resonates with our souls and radiates positive change.
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs: Engage with peers who understand and support your heart-led, transformative journey. #TogetherWeRise

  • Private community interface for contributing and learning: Share, learn and evolve in a secure and dedicated space that fosters collaboration. #PrivateCommunity

  • Once a month interactive group session live with Kathryn: Gain direct insights and guidance from Kathryn, fostering your personal and business evolution. #LiveCoaching

  • Exclusive videos for the community: Access unique content tailored for your growth and understanding of the new business paradigm. #Exclusivity

  • Exclusive teachings including: getting started in AI the heart-centered way: Harness AI in a mindful, humanistic way, opening up innovative possibilities. #HeartCenteredAI

  • Investment $54 per month: Affordably access a transformative experience that values your contribution and growth. #ValueInvestment

  • Entry-level price remains the same for the term of your subscription: Enjoy the peace of knowing your investment is stable and predictable. #PriceSecurity

  • You may unsubscribe at any time: Have complete control over your membership with the freedom to choose when to leave. #FlexibleMembership

  • Should you unsubscribe, you may rejoin anytime at the new entry-level price: Experience the freedom to explore, with the ability to return when ready. #ReturnAnytime

Membership in the
New Business Paradigm Community

Unleash Your Potential

New Business Paradigm Community



Every month

be a part of soul-driven entrepreneurship community that drives positive change

Valid until canceled

Monthly live interactive with Kathryn

Exclusive Videos for community

Exclusive Teachings for community

NBP plan
Monthly Lives - currently slated for the 2nd Thursday of each month at 2:00pm eastern time (subject to change).
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