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Change is coming

tree bloom spring

Change is coming and a new season is entering whether we are ready or not. This tree blooming image is from my backyard yesterday. Coastal Carolina is beginning to see vibrant, alluring colors announcing this new season.

It's also a new season for entrepreneurs bringing their products and services to the world. We don't have such beautiful and vivid reminders of that when we look out the window. Yet, just like mother nature, ready or not a new season enters.

For many entrepreneurs they are being attracted to the ever expanding electronic glitz and production in the AI (artificial intelligence) phenomenon that is sweeping through our lives. I've heard many say they are jumping in because they don't want to get left behind.

My question is, just because it is a new change coming does that make it right for you?

We can't avoid it entirely. It's becoming part of our lives in many ways. We all use it daily, even if we don't know it.

For soul driven and heart centered entrepreneurs looking to uplift and make an impact on the world use caution. ChatGPT is out there churning out tons of "content" that is appearing in blogs and marketing everywhere. It can make things easier and more productive,

but... my question is does it make them impactful? Does it carry the heart and frequency that you exude?

Messages carrying a frequency that resonates with those souls you embodied to serve. Without that frequency in your content you may attract people albeit not necessarily those you agreed to serve.

Another caution. Do not avoid using it from a place of fear. I use it for meta descriptions, SEO, tags, ideas, and I use it to review and give suggestions on things I've already written that carry my frequency. From there just use discretion on what you incorporate.

If you would be interested in learning to incorporate some aspects into your business please comment below. If there is interest I will offer a class in the near future.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Remember, embracing change is like learning a new dance. It might feel awkward at first, but with each step, you become more fluid and confident. So, take this information, play with it, twist it, turn it upside down, and see how it fits into the unique rhythm of your business and life. Let it enhance your creativity, not stifle it.


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