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Consumer or Contributor?

Kathryn Andrew & Henry at Marine graduation

May 16th, Henry and I attended Andrew's (our Marine nephew), graduation from Command Staff College a ten month program similar to getting a civilian master's degree. The Colonel who spoke at the ceremony invited the graduates to examine if their actions and behavior in the corps was more like that of a "consumer" or that of a "contributor."

Of-course his spin was that the military and more specifically the Marines BUT, it got me thinking about entrepreneurship. Where is your focus?

Do you focus on the consumer side of entrepreneurship where your focus and your energy are aligned with what your business can give you?
Or is your focus, energy and frequency in alignment with being of service and what you can bring to your audience and the world?

The consumer side is where the entrepreneur primarily focuses on what they can gain from the market, such as profits, services, or products, without significantly investing in adding value to the community or the market they serve.

Where as the contributor refers to a business or individual who actively engages in creating value beyond their own benefit.

At Purple Door Entrepreneur our focus is on assisting soul-driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs who are creating amazingly aligned businesses.

The frequency we strive to express and nurture is that of the contributor. That is not to say we don't want or expect profits. It just means that that is not the main focus, but rather the by-product of following the flow of soul.

I invite you to look at one thing you might adjust in your business offering to allow you to align more with the contributor energy and frequency. AND I'd love to hear below how you are already embodying the contributor energy in your product or service!

What best describes your entrepreneurial offering: consumer or contributor?

Much love,


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Check out our Charity page. Just one of the way Purple Door is creating value beyond our own benefits.


A deligcate balance. My current challenge is giving in service and not asking for the sale and then resenting it. Awakening to an empath’s dance when coming from a service based heart has its practical layers to move through for full earning opportunity. Thank you for the post and awesome congrats for your nephew!!🙏

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Better last question… in what area would you like to start healing first?

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