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Reclaim Your Frequency

newborn feet

Today during meditation it came to me that we all came into this world with a divine frequency. A frequency that aligned with our purpose, our learning and the sharing of our gifts specifically for this earthly visit. We arrived tingling with this unique energy.

Yet the instant we came out of the womb everything and everyone around us starting messing with that frequency. It was not something intentional or malicious, but rather something that took place unconsciously, as "normal" behavior.  Occasionally this distortion of our frequency came from a place of others thinking they were helping us. When really they were just projecting their fears and programming onto us.

No matter the reason, the strong, clear unique frequency that came in with us started to be distorted, shifted, misaligned and altered. Eventually we became so disconnected from our divine Frequency that we too became a player in distorting the frequency of others.

At the start of this new year, 2024, the year of the dragon and infinite possibilities I ask, ...

are you ready to reclaim your frequency? Are you ready to operate from energies that align with your soul, your divinity?

This may feel two sided. Yes! I want to reclaim my frequency. But the thought of cleaning up decades of "mess" feels daunting.

Let go of any concerns around the "how". Each practice can bring realignment to your natural frequency. Progress is yours each time you play.

The tool is simple, yet powerful, even profound. It is portable, available to you wherever and whenever you choose to employ it.

The tool is: forgiveness.

Start by forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself for being influenced by others, the world, social programming, media, school, parents, family, partners, books, teachers, friends everyone and everything that knowingly or unknowingly altered, shifted, changed or damaged your divine frequency. See, feel, sense or intend that all those influences are dissolved.

Forgive anything you're aware of. Forgive even that which you don't know needs forgiven. Forgive especially that which is unforgivable. Forgive that which you don't want to forgive.

For many of us (I'm definitely on the list) we cary too much responsibility and often for things that really are not our responsibility. We have our frequency mixed up with responsibilities that are not ours to fulfill. How can we use our frequency effectively if it's already spoken for? A great first step is to clean up our responsibilities to free up your frequency then reclaim your frequency.

Forgive all the responsibility. Forgive yourself for any responsibilities you took on that are not yours. Forgive any responsibilities others assigned to you that are not in alignment with your divine frequency. Forgive yourself for making other responsible for anything knowingly or unknowingly. 

Let any thoughts or memories come up and forgive them especially if you don't want to forgive them or if they seem unforgivable.

It is a shedding process. When we stop claiming ownership then it must dissolve. It must leave our energy field, allowing more of our true frequency to shine through and be reclaimed. More of our natural frequency fills our life. 

Each time you tune into to reclaiming your frequency through the tool of forgiveness you give yourself a beautiful and amazing gift. One that only you can give to yourself.

I invite you to play with this. I'd love to hear about your interaction with forgiveness and reclaiming your frequency.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. As a soul-driven entrepreneur it is essential to reclaim your frequency; the one you embodied to express. It is the key to turning on your heart light so that those you came to serve can find you.

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I love this! Reclaim your frequency!

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