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2024 Become a Beacon

light house shining

The New Year 2024 invites you to Become a Beacon

As the new year dawns, may I become a beacon for those souls I embodied to assist.

Today is the first day of 2024. A start of a new calendar year. We've been shifting into this new energy since December. On the 12-12 Portal we started opening to the new energies for a nine day period that culminated with the Winter Solstice. The day where we experience the most hours of darkness for the year.

Our planet's tilt then starts bringing to us more and more hours of light each day (around 3 minutes) until we reach the Summer Solstice when the tilt faces us in a new direction and the process reverses.

One thing we may or may not be aware of is that all the while our planet is traveling through the universe at around 67,000 mph. We are never stationary. We are being pulled along by our sun with the other planets surrounding it in a beautiful (and fast) cosmic dance.

cosmic dance of solar system

We came to play in this cosmic dance, its cycles, its shifts and the new energies we pass through. We consciously chose to be here, and be here now. We made a soul decision to come to this tiny blue orb soaring through the universe to play, to experience and to grow.

Growth not only for ourselves, but to assist others in this journey as well. Not random others, but rather very specific others.

So how do we find them?

Traditional business would have us market, focus on a product, on an outcome, sell to our audience, use key words, use branding, pour ourselves all over social media, and stand out from others. Yet, today this dawning of a new year, I invite you to consider a different approach. An approach that for soul-driven entrepreneurs, who are energetically attuned and connected feels natural, supportive, expansive and in line with the "why" they chose to be here now.

Become a beacon.

A beacon that shines the essence of who you are. Who you are eternally. Dropping all the programming of this life. Letting all the desires and demands that others may have for you fall away. Awaken your passion, shine your light, and share the energy you cam here to embody. In the way only you can do it.

This day, I invite you to go within and contemplate that you, just like the cosmic dance of the sun and the planets of our solar system, have souls that are traveling along in your magnetic path. Those who want to play with you. Those who resonate with you inner message, your inner beauty. Those you embodied to assist.

Become a beacon. Shine your beacon so that they may find you.

Happy New Year 2024!

Kathryn Gorham

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. For the first nine days of this new year take a moment each day to feel into the statement, "As the new year dawns, may I become a beacon for those souls I embodied to assist."

Surrender any resistance that comes up. I surrender the will of my ego to the will of my soul.


May each beacon of light create another bright beacon for others to see.

I am reminded of the quote, A thousand candles can be lighted from a single candle. Shine bright this year. Happy New Year!

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Thanks Karen great reminder to be the light that spreads more light.



Beautiful messages to begin a year filled with infinite possibilities. I love the mantra and shall weave it into my daily practice.

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Thanks Angela... me too on the mantra... I added it to my calendar to remember.


Thank you for this message and inspiring the piece in me that remembers truth. Happy 2024!

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Your light shines brighter the more you remember.

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