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The Power of Remember

sign grocery store don't forget your reusable bags

About four years ago a new grocery store came to town. During their grand opening months they gave away thousands of reusable grocery bags. I love the idea. The intent is to have shoppers bring back their reusable bags.

Where the intent falls short is in the power of remember.

What do I mean by that?

Well take a look at the image above. When you glance at the image the first words that jump out are DON'T FORGET in the large and bold type.

The mind doesn't think in negatives. What the mind sees and hears is FORGET.

Having shopped in this store for four years I can tell you that more people FORGET than REMEMBER their reusable bags. That is the power of words and that is where the power of remember comes in.

I ask that you remember to state your intention in the positive. This week pay attention to words that you use. They have power. Play with it.

What statements are you saying in the negative that would carry more of your intention should they be stated in the positive?

I came across this wonderful illustration by crazyhead comics. It is a powerful illustration. Since coming across this beautiful wisdom about two weeks ago I've been playing with the message, which is what prompted me to write this blog.

stop apologizing start thanking list

Read this list to yourself slowly and while doing so ... feel into each statement. I would love to know, can you discern the difference in energy? I would also love to know was any particular statement was more impactful for you than the others?

As soul driven and heart centered entrepreneurs it is important to remember that our words carry power. Be mindful of impacting those we serve with our choice of words.

Remember to smile today 🙃 😀 and play with the power of remember!

Kathryn 💜

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. My share - in using Thank You ✨ for two weeks instead of explaining or saying sorry or asking I could definitely feel the change in energy. Not just the energy of what I said, but more importantly on how the other person received it. My delivery felt more gentle and loving. The person receiving the thank you readily received the words without their energy shifting to defensiveness, attack or explanation. I loved it!


LOVING this - moving to thank you, now. Appreciate your wisdom, Kathryn!

Replying to

Your thank you received with a warm heart glow!

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