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The Flow of Creativity

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Over Easter weekend we dined with family and friends at one of our favorite restaurants, Spoon River, near our river cottage.

The owner, Teresa, greeted us and showed us some of her latest decor and changes. She shared stories of how part of the building was a movie theater up to the early 1950's. Recently as they were applying a finish to the interior brick walls they found writings such as "Johnny loves Susie" and other messages from another time memorialized on the walls of what once was a movie theater -- now part of the restaurant's ambiance.

spoon river dining room 1

We slowly enjoyed a delightful dinner and conversation as the evening unwound. Excusing myself I ventured to the ladies room where I opened the door to be greeted by a vintage dressmakers' bust. Wow, that Teresa, is so creative!

Returning to the table I took in the surroundings and marveled at how she is not just creative, she lives in the flow of creativity.

spoon river dining room 2

We've been patrons of Spoon River since it opened in 2012. We've witnessed the decor change and evolve many times and in many ways. The most intriguing part is that most of the decor items are being repurposed in creative and unique ways. The huge art panels are her own creations. The ceiling decor is a mixture of old books (pages open and folded to make shapes) and lights dazzling the patrons, most of whom don't even recognize what they're made of.

Over the years there have been a continuous flow of creativity that greets you each visit. Books with eclectic titles entertain you as await your culinary creations. Old armories, tables and chest of drawers stack to become wall art. Painted table tops with unique designs.

spoon river dining room 3

It is the flow that is so magnificent. It carries new energy. Repurposes old energy. The designs morph and evolve over time. The flow of creativity is everywhere.

Add to that her co-owner and husband raises acres and acres of commercial flowers, like the daffodils and early species peonies we witnessed Saturday, and you have a smorgasbord of color, sensations, and delights.

Why this energy of creation stuck out to me was because it is a perfect example of letting creativity lead the flow. Entrepreneurs, especially those early in their journey, often try to create the perfect product, website, image, venue, art and sound... BEFORE they will share their gifts with the world.

And what I was feeling that night at Spoon River was that entrepreneurs would benefit from changing that approach and...

just... let it flow. Have outrageous fun doing it. Be yourself and put all your heart into it.

Don't hold out for or try to create perfect (that is an illusion). Instead strive for being in the flow of creativity. Offer what you know from that place of what you love, that energy of what is fun.

And the second insight that came to me that night allow yourself to let it change. Change it as often as your inner child wants to.

When something is a struggle or feels hard to accomplish it is a sign that you are likely not in the flow. Stop striving to be or create what you hope someone else might like or want. Throw out any desire to create with the end result of pleasing the outside world. Put yourself in the the energetic river of creativity and flow with it baby!

How? Create something, anything.

Do it from the state of abandonment and fun. Pick some wildflowers and put them in a mason jar on the table. Wear a scarf that's been in your drawer for years. Mismatch your clothes or socks. Smile. Pick up a coloring book scribble. Write a letter to yourself. Paint a pinecone.

Once you are in the flow magic happens in so many areas of your life. Ideas begin to flow.

What else can you think of? There are millions of ways. Pick one and start the flow.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. I would absolutely dance with delight if you share an image of something you created from your flow, your river of creativity. Surprise me!



Love this creation


Susan Gold
Susan Gold

Kathy! Loved your piece and sharing my interpretation of a prairie xmas tree - I saw tumbleweed rolling down my lane and grabbed it adding fairy lights. It was pure joy! Thank you for being a beacon of bright light! ox Susan


Susan Gold
Susan Gold


I adore this!!!! That is so cool. Thank you for sharing. It feels magical.

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