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Authenticity Over Comparison: A 'Just Be Me' Approach to Business

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Hello, it's Kathryn here from Purple Door Entrepreneur, and I want to share with you a vital insight from my video series -- Just Be You (on YouTube) - authenticity over comparison. I've come to learn that in the realm of entrepreneurship, it's essential to adopt a 'Just Be Me' approach to business.

Why? Because when we give into the temptation of comparing ourselves to others - be it on social media platforms or our next-door business neighbor - we unintentionally invite a sense of inadequacy. It's as if we're straying from our unique, one-of-a-kind path. Suddenly, our focus is diverted from our journey to what others are doing. We forget that everyone's success story is different, and we lose sight of our own.

This comparison not only distracts us from our path, but it also disconnects us from our inner wisdom, our gut instincts, and the unique vision that ignited our entrepreneurial journey in the first place. When we focus on someone else's path, we are neglecting our own. It's as if we’re undermining our own business by comparing it to someone else’s.

But when we pivot, embracing our authenticity, a transformative shift happens. We stop replicating what others are doing and start illuminating our unique strengths, creativity, and business strategies that resonate with who we truly are.

By adopting this 'Just Be Me' approach, we inevitably draw in the people we genuinely want to work with. When we shine in our authentic light, we become a magnet for those who appreciate and need our unique offerings. This authenticity fosters a deeper connection with our clients and leads to a more meaningful and successful business experience.

So, remember, your authentic self is your greatest business asset. Embrace it, celebrate it, and let it guide your entrepreneurial journey.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Remember that in the grand scheme of things, it's your unique journey that will make your entrepreneurial story captivating and inspiring. Play with your strengths, incorporate your values, and contemplate your unique path. This will not only anchor a powerful approach to your business but also shape a life that's uniquely yours. After all, it's about adopting a 'Just Be Me' approach to business and life. Stay true, stay you!

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Jun 26, 2023

Spot on Kathryn...

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