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Red Headed Woodpecker

Red Headed Woodpecker

It has been a few years since my back yard has seen this visitor, a Red Headed Woodpecker. We regularly see the Red Bellied, Snowy, Downy and Pileated, but the Red Headed has been conspicuously absent for a few years. This morning I captured this pose and it prompted me to look up its spiritual meaning.

I loved that this message on the metaphysical meaning of the red headed woodpecker speaks about clients. When I read it I immediately got the hit to share this with all of you soul-driven entrepreneurs.

When seen in waking life, dreams, visions, channels or otherwise: The Red Headed Woodpecker, represents the need to listen from within. To go within oneself for all knowledge, to advance and become whole in who we are. Use your intuition. It is time for you to do plenty of work in the world. The clients, situations, causes or otherwise will be provided for you to work upon. It is an individual decision, as to what you choose in exchange for your energetic work in the world. Do not accept judgments from others because of your visions for YOUR LIFE.

It is time to be powerful, to become what you are truly meant to become. At this time, you are walking your talk and talking your walk. You are applauded and even though you feel tested, you choose your beliefs, versus your temptations. You are now fully aware of who you are....

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon

Kathryn 💜

P.S. When if not now?


Thank you for this! I saw a red headed wood pecker 2 days ago while I was doing yoga in the garden here. Just what I needed to hear 💜


Incredibly powerful and timely message. Thank you so much!



I love this post about the Red Headed Woodpecker, thank you. I was hiking in California by myself last week through the Redwoods and heard a loud knocking sound that echoed a hollowed sound through the canyon. It took me a bit of time and searching to locate where the sounds were coming from. There it was a Red Headed Woodpecker high up on a Redwood tree.

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I love your experience and how we are all connected and helping one another!

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