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Become a Master

master yoda

Looks can be deceiving. Jedi Master Yoda is not necessarily the first image the mind conjures up when thinking of masters. It is not the package but the skill, wisdom and energy he brings through that demonstrates his mastery.

I came to contemplate masters and mastery this week in my outer world. I felt my inner world was guiding me to learn something. But let me back up a bit.

There are certain services you come to rely on. Businesses that you trust and recommend. And for most women, including me, a hair stylist is one of those. I was sailing along happily until I received the text below just one day before my scheduled appointment with my hair stylist of many years.

text stylist out for 4 months due to surgery

Oh that was a wake up call. Four plus months my stylist would be out! Where do I turn?

I ended up with a stylist at a local shop. She was a delightful person. But my hair cut was not like "usual." It was not until waking up the next morning with the worst bad hair day 🙈 of my life that I realized just how UNusual it was. 😢 The person in the mirror looked like a street urchin with hair sticking up in multiple directions.

bad hair day

I had to do something and do it soon. So where did I go? Google.

In searching area towns for hairstylists I happened upon a salon that listed their staff as Junior, Senior and Master stylists. Hmmm...💡 Master stylist. This was getting my attention.⚡︎ I redirected Google to look for a "master" stylist closer to my home.

I came upon a salon and stylist in the next town.

When I read the site information it detailed the many trainings the "master" underwent.

I checked with my intuition and sent an email. Can you help me "fix" this?

A quick reply and an appointment two days later found me sitting in his chair wondering 💭 if anyone (even a master) could fix my hair at the current lopsided short length or would any attempt only make things worse?

As he snipped and trimmed and clipped away the weight was lifted from me. I could visibly see myself melting into relaxation. My confidenced soared as I watched his mastery bring my style back to life. We chatted and connected with several commonalities including three of my neighbors who also use him and his wife for styling. It felt like a confirmation from the universe that I was guided to this master.

new haircut kathryn

So the gift for me was being led to this "master." I am grateful. The teaching or lesson is don't fret and worry when you have to find a new stylist. Search for a "master." 😁💇🏻

The real lesson for all entrepreneurs is to constantly strive to become a "master." Take your skills to new levels. Find training that resonates with you. Pick up a specialty. Bring out nuances of your gifts that you've kept hidden. Allow yourself to expand in new ways. Follow your heart and allow your services to expand to new heights. In becoming a master, those you are intended to serve will seek you out.

The first stylist that I went to is an entrepreneur in the world doing a craft to earn a living. The "master" stylist is out in the world sharing his energy, gifts, talents in an every expanding way and evolving into a better version of himself over and over. Which entrepreneur are you?


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Anyone of you ever fret over the loss of services from a beloved master?

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Susan Gold
Susan Gold
19 mars

love love LOVE the master hair and love the lesson thank you for sharing it so eloquently! oxox


What a great message! I love Yoda. I also love your sharing about your haircut and the trust in finding the right stylist for you. My hair stylist was in a car accident a little while ago and she had to have surgery on her hand so I know how you feel! Seeing the picture of Yoda reminds me about one of my favorite new Jedis, Grogu or as I usually refer to him as baby Yoda. He is just learning his power and he is going to be magnificent. Here's to all of those seeking to become Masters. Bravo!


19 mars


You look beautiful and resonate with mastery skills from within and without.

Thanks for the reminders of using our own skills of mastery and adding to them to continue to expand and evolve.

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