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Color, a sign of new life. And what else?

wisteria blooming
Wisteria blooming by Kathryn Gorham

Wisteria in purple and lavender are just a couple of the many colors dotting the landscape as spring announces its arrival. The colors of spring are like a calling card and advertisement. Here I am. Take notice of me.

Blossoms catch our eye. They lure us to gaze at their beauty. We pause for a few seconds drinking in their artistry. We breath and slow down, even momentarily.

Is there more to it than that? Sure the color attracts the pollinators, but what about humans? Are we affected by the delicate, vibrant and awe inspiring colors of spring?

Lavender and purple are used to transform negative energy with forgiveness. Yellow helps us to connect with happy childhood energy, no matter what our age. Pink helps us to connect with our feminine side, our receiving. White symbolizes purity.

Is it possible that the universe, the divine, mother father God are helping us every spring to transform negative energy without us having to lift a finger? Can it be that just by taking a few minutes to appreciate the awe inspiring beauty around us that we are also clearing out energy that may be stifling our progress and blocking us?

I believe that is not just possible, but that it is true. We are so conditioned to do, do, do. We are trained, socialized and educated to believe we must make "it" (whatever it is) happen. But I ask you, "Is that really true?"

Perhaps there is another way. A way of allowing things to happen vs stressing by doing, forcing and controlling. Just writing this I vote for allowing as it feels so freeing in my body.

What about you? What would you vote for?

In my past I have had a business life full of the stressing, doing, forcing and controlling. In the end no matter the amount of financial success there is still a feeling of lack; lack of freedom, fun, harmony, family, play, and joy. They are not mutually exclusive the success or the freedom and fun. The key is deprogramming ourselves from conditioning enough to allow for a success that supports us on all levels.


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