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Freedom in Rhythm: The Fourth of July Entrepreneurial Refresh from Purple Door


Hey there, Kathryn from Purple Door Entrepreneur here, and I'd like to invite you to step back, take a pause, and relish the spirit of the Fourth of July.

What better way to celebrate freedom than to grant ourselves the freedom to rest, refresh, and renew our entrepreneurial spirits?

With the advent of the new business paradigm, we're witnessing a powerful shift in entrepreneurial values. The divine feminine qualities of authenticity, intuition, and collaboration are breaking away from the traditional patriarchal model of business. The Fourth of July provides a symbolic moment to step back and reflect on this transformation.

Let's take a business break and allow ourselves to tap into the collective wisdom that the spirit of the Fourth of July inspires. This can be a time of renewal, where we recalibrate our business strategies and refresh our entrepreneurial zeal, all the while recognizing the significance of courage, confidence, and vulnerability in our leadership roles.

Remember that the divine feminine weaves inspiration into our daily work.

Just as fireworks light up the night sky this Fourth of July, let your passion ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

Remember, we're creating businesses that impact lives, and sometimes, a break can give us the fresh perspective we need to continue our meaningful journey.

Kathryn Gorham

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. This Fourth of July, I encourage you to enjoy the rhythm of freedom. Give yourself permission to take a break and let your entrepreneurial spirit recharge. Reflect on the new business paradigm and how it's influencing your leadership style. Remember, it's in these quiet moments of contemplation that we often find our greatest inspirations. Have a blissful Fourth of July!


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