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Frozen in your Progress?

Hummer in ice storm by Kathryn Gorham

Could this be you? Trying to make progress yet you feel like you're in a frozen world just trying to survive?

Where I live we do not usually see freezing temperatures. Even more rare do we have ice along with frozen temperatures. Well that's exactly what we woke up to a couple of weeks ago. The columns on the porch were coated in ice (see in image above) and ice encased the hanger, the feeder and the hummingbird food inside.

Hummingbirds cannot survive without food especially in colder times. So immediately I thawed out the container and filled it with fresh food. For two days a pair of hummers visited this oasis frequently. We have adopted this pair for the winter now so they can be assured of fresh food regularly and can stay alive until spring.

As you, the entrepreneur, find yourself frozen in your progress what do you do to thaw out and find sustenance that allows you to survive until better times?

I invite you to share your story in the comments section below.

As humans and entrepreneurs we often find that the element causing the "freeze" is fear. Fear can become our ice storm and cover everything in our world. Fear is seductive and addictive. Once frozen more and more of that which we fear seams to greet us.

Thank you fear!

What, you ask? Why would I thank fear?

Gratitude helps us "thaw" the fear. Gratitude helps us to find the "gift" in the situation that "appears" to be the cause of fear. And if for no other reason fear is what is coming up, so why not greet it with an attitude of love and learning. We are after all on schoolroom Earth to learn.

Thank you for this gift of learning. Thank you for the gift of slowing down and appreciating where you are for a few minutes. Thank you for the gift of realizing that you were giving over your true nature into the hands of fear. Now choose to take back your power and release fear. Thank you for the gift of realizing the path you were contemplating taking really isn't for your highest good or joy. Thank you for the gift of taken a few minutes to feel, really feel, what is going on inside and gain valuable insight that was there all along waiting for you to check in and to listen.

Start feeding your precious self until the thaw of spring arrives for you in your situation.

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