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"In the name of Peace"

I don't watch the news. I gave that up and television back in 2000. I was going through a divorce. I was choosing to change patterns that I didn't feel served me and that was one of them. Stop filling up my mind, brain and senses with things that instilled programming and fear.

However over the years I haven't missed many of the newsworthy events. There is always someone willing to share what going on. I live in a coastal area where we experience hurricanes. I've never been unprepared for one. From the grocery store to the gas station to social engagements people are there to share and keep you informed.

The same has been true for the recent atrocities in Israel. I have avoided the gruesome details. I'm aware that it is taking place. I want to contribute to the healing. I don't want to add to the fear.

This brings me to the video recently posted by Matt Kahn, "In the name of Peace." His wisdom is deep. He shares a way for each of us to take a few moments, be present, and clean up the energies within our own being that then reflect in the outer world. The best way we can help is go within and clean up our own energies.

Matt Kahn: "...and I go into a state of stillness and oneness where this body is being used as an intermediary between source and the world at conflict in need of light. And I've been in this space since everything began. It feels like perhaps, like you, feels like we're working around the clock as light workers.

And so I wanted to do this transmission to offer you support to create an opportunity where we can connect and be together and we can also come together and through the beauty and love of divine guidance we can take some constructive steps to help transmute the destruction and help move this world in a direction of greater unity consciousness and that occurs in the name of peace.

And so I meet you in the name of Peace."

I invite you to set aside a hour and be present while you allow yourself to feel the "repeat after me's" shared by Matt. Become a conduit to bring peace.

Thank you for sharing your energies to bring greater unity consciousness,

Kathryn 💜

Purple Door Entrepreneur

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