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Mesmerizing Moon

Ever find yourself just staring at the moon at night?

Pines blanketing the moon and stars, photo by kvallinag
Pine tree holding the moon

A couple of nights ago that's exactly where I found myself. I walked out into the yard and was drawn to the orb glowing seductively in the night sky.

At night the darkness shrouds all the details surrounding us and lets the activity of the day relax and release.

We feel more and do less.

We look up in awe and we breathe. We take a deep breath in and feel more in the flow more connected.

The moon symbolizes the subconscious. That doorway that can be so difficult to enter when we are overstimulated, overwhelmed and distracted. That place where we store things that may no longer serve our highest purpose. Where old disempowering beliefs may still be operating.

With deep peaceful breathing while soaking in the moon we release these old disempowering beliefs, even if we don't know what they are. It's like a gentle invitation for them to move on and be transformed. Our breath is powerful, more powerful than we realize.

In this month of October, so often associated with the moon, I invite you to step out into the twilight and breathe with her, luna, the moon.


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