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Message arrives

Isn't it wonderful when messages come from totally unexpected places and when you least expect them?

Northern Flicker (10-28-22 kathyrn gorham)

This beautiful bird and his shy female mate visited this morning. I got out my camera and was able to catch a few shots of the male. He has beautiful coloring a cream speckled belly, mustache at his beak, red crescent on his head and white rump seen when he flies.

Northenr Flicker red crescent (10-28-22 kathryn gorham)

After interacting with this beauty for a minutes and confirming what breed he is, I received the intuitive nudge to look up the the symbolism of the Northern Flicker. After all he did visit me for a reason.

Here is what I found on

"The flicker is unafraid to show off its true colors and even less afraid to make a little noise. Thus, this bird reminds us to be our most authentic selves and to do so loudly and proudly. Additionally, the flicker represents the value of making one's own way in the world."

I am in the process of writing a new master class (showing off my true colors) and getting ready to present it to the world (make a little noise). And what a great reminder to create from my true authentic self ... "loudly and proudly"... as I make my own way in the world. Thank you for the message. Received!

It had asked this morning, as I do most every morning, for guidance and help on what I am doing that day. It is fun to receive messages in ways that surprise and delight us.

I'd love to hear...

What messages have your received that have surprised and delighted you?

Share below in the comments. I'd love to know what messages that have flown to you on wings of birds or angels.

Flicker takes flight (1028-22 kathryn gorham)

P.S. I will send more information later on the upcoming free Master Class - 3 Keys to Attracting all the Clients You Want . Thank you everyone who participated in the poll that overwhelmingly led to this class.

P.S.S. Save the date Saturday November 19th


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