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sunrise through the spanish moss
sunrise through the spanish moss

Yesterday morning I went walking in the woods just as the sun was rising. The way the light shone on this patch of trees decorated with Spanish moss caught my eye. It caught my breathe. I was taken with the beauty, the light and the energy.

I loved the feelings that washed over me.

What a great way to start the day. Letting the first light of day wash over us. Let go of all the "stuff" that distracts us and just enjoy the moment.

Why is it so much easier to do that in nature? Just be in the moment? Enjoy the moment?

Why? Because the energy of the plants and trees want nothing from us. They don't want to know what's for dinner. They don't remind us to answer an email. They don't care if our laundry is done. They aren't interested in all the items on our calendar. They could care less if our bills are paid. They are just present.

They freely give. The trees give us oxygen. They give freely their beauty. They give stability to the land. They give homes to many creatures.

Nature resonates at frequency that is calming to us. That feeds us in relaxing and de-stressing just by being in nature's presence. What is this frequency?

It is the frequency of undiluted love.

All of nature: plants, grass, trees, oceans, mountains, resonate at this frequency. When we look at it this way, most of the earth is nature therefore most of the earth resonates at the frequency of undiluted love. We feel it when we allow ourselves to be present in nature, absorbing the beauty and the energy. We get out of our heads and into our feelings and we receive this energy.

Nature doesn't care how tall you are, how old you are, how much you weigh, what you are wearing, how much money you make, what gender you are, or what race you are. Nature is constantly sharing and giving.

Nature will also take. It will take your cares, worries, burdens, stress, anger, impatience and whatever else you want to give it. These things will not harm nature. Nature gracefully and easily receives it is as energy. Energy that it transforms back to undiluted love.

Sit under a tree. Walk through the woods. Visit a stream. Gaze at your houseplant. If none of these are available look at nature photos online.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. There is power in nature. Remember to call on this power when you need it. Ask it to fill you.

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