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Rethinking Your Business Journey: Reflect Backwards, Start with the End

compass sitting on a window sill

Hello, visionary leaders! Today, let's do a little time traveling, in reverse. It's time to rethink our business journey by starting with the end in mind and reflecting backwards.

Think of your ultimate business goal, your grand vision. Imagine it has been accomplished, and now look back. What does this vantage point offer?

This journey in reverse is powerful; it's like reading the last page of a mystery novel first, allowing you to find the clues hidden in the pages of your present and future.

Starting with the end lets you reassess your current direction. Are your actions, strategies, and choices steering you towards that end goal? Or are they leading you astray? Is that current decision taking you towards your vision?

Reflecting backwards creates a blueprint, a pathway illuminated by the purpose. You now know the mountains you must climb, the rivers you need to cross, and the dragons you need to slay to reach that enchanted castle.

This approach aligns with our New Business Paradigm, embodying courage, authenticity, intuition, and vulnerability. It's about aligning your actions with your ultimate vision, collaborating creatively, and inspiring your teams to do the same.

Embrace this playful yet profound method of reassessing your business journey. Let it empower you to navigate the maze of entrepreneurship with a clear sense of direction, fortified resolve, and a twinkle in your eye.

Insight in hindsight,

Kathryn Gorham

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Spend some time today envisioning your grand finale, your ultimate business destination. Reflect backwards from this future accomplishment. How does it shape your understanding of your current journey? Contemplate this and let it guide you towards aligning your present with your desired future. Remember, the end is just the beginning in reverse!

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Susan Gold
Susan Gold
Aug 28, 2023

Love this advice! Fantastic! ox

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