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Slow down and breathe

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Pace. What is your's?

The busy lives of entrepreneurs often invite, encourage and even at times require a pace that is faster than our souls want us to go. We sleep, eat, take care of body hygiene and fill our day with "to do's" and distractions until we sleep again. There is very little time in our day that is not filled with something "to do" or some place "to go."

In the last few weeks I've been working on revamping my website. It has needed a re-do for a long while, yet I wasn't sure of the new direction until now. My aim is not to restructure the whole offering, but rather to shift the energy that comes through, to bring through the frequency of Kathryn. (That's another share for another day.)

During the project my intention was to be in a state of bringing through the right images, words, feelings and energy. There were moments when I was rolling along that I had to catch myself. Something was off. Things were feeling forced in stead of flowing. Rather than plow through it I did the opposite.

I remembered to slow down. Check in. Scan my body for tension.

Relax the body, give the brain a break and just breathe. Sense the awareness.

The question is do we hear the call? Do we head the call? Or do we keep "doing" telling ourselves we'll relax later. We'll take a moment after we get things done.

Our inner-calling is often asking us to slow down. We don't need to take a spa day (although they are wonderful and healing and very welcome). We are just being asked to pay attention to all the energies pulling us in so many directions outward and take a few precious seconds and just breathe; slow down and breathe.

Enjoy the moment.

Savor the sensation of oxygen filling your lungs slowly and deeply. Relax into a slow exhale. Recenter from the outer world back into our inner connection.

Three slow, deep, soft and relaxing breathes can shift us out of the chaos of the world, out of the programming all around us, the control, the distractions, problems or projects and tune us into our inner guidance, to that ever present wisdom.

How many of you would like to deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom?

I invite you to slow down and breathe right now. Take three slow deep breaths and with each exhale slowly. If you did stop and take this action... I would love to know ... so pop it into the comments below - YES!


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Challenge for one week the "instant spa". Set a timer on your phone for every 2 hours (or 3 if that works better). When the tone sounds...Slow down. Check in. Scan your body for tension. And breathe. Take 3 slow deep breathes in and out.


Love the info. Love the photo!!!💞

Replying to

Thanks Susan and I love the photo too! I found it while looking for images for the website. I just had to have it.


Yes! Slow down and breathe into your magnificent and precious body. I love this post, Kathryn. The universe is breathing you...inhale into your life.

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Love .... the universe is breathing you... awesome!

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