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Success - is it the magic pill?

Success high five two business people

Success. It can feel like a magic pill. Reach it and everything is fixed, solved, resolved. Reach it and your worries and troubles go away.

Success may well solve and resolve current troubles and fix other worries, like financial concerns. But is it then... happily ever after?

Here I fall back on my standard answer from my real estate career.

"It depends."

There are many factors to consider. It depends so many things. It depends if:

  • you set things up to support your energy levels

  • your success is based on your heart message

  • you are reaching the audience you (your soul) intended to reach

  • you are feeling joy and satisfaction with your success results

Success without satisfaction is a heads up, a red flag for you to pay attention.

In real estate when someone asked me, as they often did, should we buy house A or house B. My answer was always, "it depends" followed by a series of questions to determine what would satisfy them more. What was their driving motivation and which property would best satisfy that.

What picture of success fills your buckets of satisfaction?

It is a priceless investment in yourself to seek those answers early on your road to success so that you avoid unexpected detours or unsatisfactory destinations.


Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Remember to ask yourself often and consistently why you are doing something. And then pay attention to your answers. You will find gold in those answers that you will treasure.

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Susan Gold
Susan Gold
13 nov 2023

Love when you share your amazing experience and appreciate this post. It's never been more relevant for me. ox

Me gusta
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