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Thanksgiving... giving thanks

Last week we celebrated with friends and family our Thanksgiving Holiday. We took a break from cooking and headed to the beach. I give thanks for many things including Henry and Maya and the willingness to open our hearts.

How did you spend your day of giving thanks?


Nov 30, 2022

I agree with Darlene, I Love the photo of you, Henry, Maya and the beach. Gorgeous.

Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful here. For the first time in our lives, we enjoyed a romantic, Thanksgiving dinner, for two.

We prepared a delicious brunch and celebrated on Friday with our children and grandchildren.

Our 💕 are filled with gratitude 🙏.


I LOVE this photo, Kathryn! The dog's face is especially funny and endearing to me. You look so happy, it makes me feel happy! Much love to you and yours! Darlene💕

Replying to

Sending "thanks" your way Darlene! And a hug.🤗

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