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The Badge of "Busy"

Busy. I’m busy. We hear that over and over. It comes across as if to say look at the merit badge I’ve earned. It comes across with the energy of pride and accomplishment. It says look at me. Be proud of me, for I am busy.

What does busy really mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means: engaged in action; being in use; full of activity; foolishly or intrusively active; full of distracting detail.

Wow that paints a different picture. The one that really pops out for me is “distracting detail.” We spend a lot of time being distracted and distracting ourselves. Why? I’m sure there are a thousand reasons, however they all boil down to the same thing. Fear.

Fear that we are not good enough. Fear that we might fail. Fear if we don’t keep active we won’t have abundance. Fear that if we don’t give or work hard we won’t be accepted. You get the picture and I’m sure you can come up with many more of your own fears that linger under the surface of your busy activity and your distractions.

So the question is, “Is busy really serving you?” If not. Then what?

First is truly to recognize consciously when you are in that busy state. This is simple, but not always easy, because distraction can come with the busy activity. Next in your minds eye see yourself remove your busy badge and then breathe. Breathe and give thanks for the consciousness to recognize that state.

Purple Door Entrepreneur

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