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The Prefect Gift Exchange

wrapped gift with sisors and ribbon in background

As we step away from the Thanksgiving holiday season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a time when so many of us have gift giving on our minds, I ponder the practice of the Gift Exchange.

Our family gathered at my sister's home in Virginia for the turkey feast and we selected names for our annual Christmas gift exchange. My niece shared that her office had done the same. This got me wondering - what is the perfect gift exchange. It's that time of year where friends, families, co-workers, clubs, and groups do some kind of gift exchange or Secret Santa or White Elephant. Whatever name you give it, we're exchanging gifts.

Gifts come not just in packages, which brought to mind that as entrepreneurs, creatives, spiritual illuminators, transformers and up-lifters, aren't we constantly engaged in a similar act of giving?

Every client, every opportunity, is like a name handed to us by the universe, entrusting us with the mission to discover the perfect gift for them. It's a service we've agreed to, not for everyone, but for those specific souls we are meant to touch.

So, what is the perfect gift exchange?

For family, friends, co-workers is it about buying the most expensive item… even exceeding the spending limit? Is it finding the best bargain? Does finding the most trendy or the most clever gift make it the perfect gift?

What thoughts come up for you?

Well for me none of that works. When I get a name I start to feel into that person, tune into memories of when they sparkled, smiled or became animated and engaged. What conversations drew their spirited participation and what things made them light up. It's an intuitive process, led by feelings and insights. I feel into memories of when they radiated.

Think about when have you felt the excitement bubbling forth from them. Maybe just one sentence or word that gave you a good feeling inside or a quiver. Isn’t it amazing how our lives are guided by and enriched by feelings?

For all of us there are days when we have too much feeling, or not so good feelings that we’d prefer to avoid. It’s natural. However, imagine the opposite; a world devoid of the joy of seeing a loved one, of experiencing the beauty of a sunset, or the vibrant colors of autumn, the blossom of a flower, or of the companionship of a beloved pet.

What would our life be without feelings? I would venture to say quite boring. Quite unexciting. Quite flat is how I sense it, no contours, no excitement, no surprises. What a rich life we have through feelings.

Feelings are the blood flow of our lives. They're what keep us flowing and connected on many levels. Levels we may not consciously recognize. They motivate, encourage and guide us all we need to do is pay attention.

So, in our gift exchange what is the most potent and powerful gift you can give to your clients? The most powerful gift we can offer our clients isn't just our services or products.

It's our ability to see their potential, fully listen, to empathize, to connect on a deeper level.

Imagine awakening in them a dream, a hope, a confidence, a joy they've been seeking. This connection, this emotional resonance, is a gift in itself.

This potential has always been within them. How willing are you to water and nurture that seed? How does partnering with your feelings enrich this experience?

And remember, this is a gift “exchange”. The energy we share with our clients should be of equal vibration, a mutual support that elevates both parties. If the exchange tilts, with one side giving more than receiving, it disrupts the balance necessary for growth. No lifeform, not a plant, a tree, an ocean, a mountain, or human can truly flourish in an environment of unequal exchange.

As we navigate this season of giving, let's remember the true power of our gifts. It's not just in the material, but in the emotional connection, the understanding, and the mutual elevation of spirits. That, my dear readers, is the ultimate gift.

Thank you for joining me in this reflection.

Kathryn Gorham

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Holiday Challenge: Why not make this thought a playful experiment in your daily life? Next time you interact with someone, be it in business or personal life, tune into their vibe. What makes them sparkle? Imagine each conversation as a little gift exchange of emotions and insights. Have fun with it, laugh a little, maybe even surprise yourself. It's not just about understanding others, but also about discovering new facets of your own emotional landscape. Let's make feelings our playful companions!

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