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Trusting Your Inner Guidance: Ego Aside, Embrace the Divine

Woman contemplating in nature

As inspired by the teachings of Belinda Womack, it's time to push our egos aside and place trust in ourselves and our divine guidance. The ego, wrapped in fear and doubt, often obstructs our path, but by gently setting it aside, we can tap into our authentic selves and the divine wisdom within us.

In the context of the New Business Paradigm, this process is akin to navigating the labyrinth of entrepreneurship with a compass that points to courage, confidence, strength, authenticity, intuition, and vulnerability.

When we listen to our inner guidance, we find the path clearer, the journey more enjoyable, and the destination more meaningful.

Ego aside, we're embracing the divine, stepping into the transformative power of the divine feminine. The divine guidance within us prompts us towards collaborative creativity, heartfelt cooperation, and profound inspiration. It empowers us to create businesses that resonate with our deepest passions and purpose, and inspire the same in others.

This journey is not about suppressing or demonizing the ego; instead, it's about recognizing its role and choosing to align with our inner guidance, our divine compass. It's about creating businesses and lives that are not only successful and make a positive impact, but by doing so through our surrendered presence. A presence where we continuously surrender our ego to the will of our soul.

Cheers to embracing the divine guidance within you and transforming the way you journey through entrepreneurship.


Kathryn Gorham

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Today, playfully contemplate how you can set your ego aside and trust in your inner guidance more. Today, I open to trusting that I am a divine being, and I am looked after.

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