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Tuning into Authentic Inspiration: Guided by Your Path, Not Others


What does authentic inspiration look like for you? Is it a pull towards something meaningful, a deep resonance with an idea, or perhaps an unexplainable attraction towards a new venture?

Authentic inspiration can be all this and more, but the key is that it stems from within you - it's not simply a mirage of someone else's dream or ideals.

In my journey, I've discovered that finding authentic inspiration is like tuning a radio. There are myriad stations broadcasting different tunes, news, and ideas - these could represent the many voices around us, including society, colleagues, family, and friends. While some of these stations may have catchy tunes or interesting programs, they may not necessarily be playing what resonates with your soul. But, there is always one station, often drowned by others, which broadcasts your song, your news, your ideas - that's your authentic inspiration, your unique path.

Navigating the New Business Paradigm, we're called to move away from the cacophony of the old ways, characterized by fear, control, and following the herd. Instead, we're invited to tune into our own frequencies, align with the divine feminine, and embrace courage, confidence, authenticity, intuition, and vulnerability. We're called to inspire and be inspired, not by mimicking others, but by expressing our authentic selves and our unique gifts.

This shift isn't just about achieving personal success but about creating a wave of positive impact that can transform our communities and the world. So, how do we do this? We attune ourselves to our own station. We let go of trying to mimic someone else's broadcast and bravely express our own.

Follow the Beat of Your Own Drummer

Kathryn Gorham

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. Take a moment today to tune into your authentic inspiration. What's your unique broadcast? How does it guide your business and your life? Play with these ideas and see where they lead. Remember, your unique path is the most fulfilling one!


Sep 25, 2023


Thank you for your beautiful heart and business savy for ushering in the new open-hearted business paradigm. The world is changing and vibrations are lifting in a much-needed and welcome way.

I Am tuned in to my authentic and unique radio frequency and inspiration coming to you live from K-LOVE.

Sep 25, 2023
Replying to

I thought you might get a kick out of that...K for west of the Mississippi...LOVE for everyone and everything.

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