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What comes first?

The chicken or the egg? What comes first when starting your business?

Do you start with your business dream or the clients' needs?

The two go hand in hand. The two support each other. As entrepreneurs start or expand a business, creating a strong vision and using it on your website and in marketing is essential. But let me ask you this... what if, after working with clients, you find that their needs indicate a slight twist to or complete revamp of your marketing strategy? Now which one is first, the vision or the clients' need.

In other words...

You can't create a strong message that tugs on client's heart strings until you know them, feel their pain, and understand what they struggle with.

Once you feel them, know them and understand them the creativity about your vision and marketing strategy evolves. Ideally it evolves to the point that when someone reads it they feel that you know them. That you get them.

And best of all that you can help them!


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