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A blaze of a greeting

It feels incredible when you catch the blazing greeting of the morning sun paint the sky as the day dawns.

The sun lighting up the sky and clouds at dawn
Good Morning Emerald Isle

Walking in the early mornings has its gifts. Some days those gifts are truly magnificent. Enjoy them when they greet you. Unlike a sunset where the beauty can stretch on for over an hour, a sunrise can burst into full daylight in just a handful of minutes.

Truly inspiring

When you are gifted with such beauty stop and soak it in. For all too quickly it is replaced with blue skies

You just feel like it is going to be an exceptional day when the sky shows off its beauty at the break of day.

Maybe the sky is expressing gratitude. Or soaking up the gratitude of those enjoying the show.

Perhaps we are being reminded that are free and we can feel into that freedom.

Are we being reminded to value our passion?

Is this a reminder to feel these incredible feelings throughout our whole day.

What do you feel?

Purple Door Entrepreneur

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