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How to get to the next level in your business

Entrepreneurs love to do what they love to do! That is great. Yet many of the things that take our business to the next level may not be on our "most loved" list.

Taking your business to the next level includes putting time into working "ON" your business vs just working "in" your business.

The first and most often unloved necessary action that I hear clients talk about, stress about, get fed up with is... technology. Working on our business can be challenging, frustrating, confusing and tedious. We don't look forward to it. Yet, it is necessary to take us to the next level.

Working on our business often involves those things we don't love:

  • bookkeeping

  • hiring

  • payroll

  • meetings

  • software upgrades

  • new hardware

  • technology

  • planning

  • taxes

Often times we feel like these things keep us from doing the things we love... our service, our product offerings, our business... the part of our business that is fun, creative and easy.

Often we would gladly pay someone else to do some of it for us, but finding the right person, hiring them and getting them up to speed can be just as challenging in order to get the hoped for result.

Bottom line it is critical to understand what to implement and when.

Then test it for results before full implementation and before adding the next step to it.

What is the one thing that you are struggling with now? And if you had a magic wand what would your highest and best outcome look like for this issue?


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