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Planning a Website? Avoid theseTop 3 Critical Mistakes

Today entrepreneurs, our subject is one that overwhelms so many new business owners. And that subject is...WEBSITES.

Some new business owners fear the thought of putting together content. Some fear the cost of getting a site up and working. Some just go for the first thing that comes along and later find they've quickly outgrown it. Some know they need one, but get stymied just thinking about it.

Today we share some tips on...

...critical mistakes to avoid when contemplating your first website or upgrading an existing website.


The number 1 most critical mistake most entrepreneurs (and website owners in general) make is NOT owning their own domain name.

Owners invest enormous amount time, energy and money having a site created for them. They build an audience on this site name (domain name). Something shifts and they want to move the site to a different company to host or host on their own and then and only then do they find out that the original site designer owns their domain name. Something they did not know to ask at the time of development. The spiritualpreneur does NOT own the domain name they have used and developed.

You say no big deal just get a new name. True you can get a new name and keep going. However consider everywhere you have used that name. Consider how much "google juice" that name has built up over time. Consider your business cards, brochures, videos, books and other products that will have to be replaced or updated AND worse all those clients or potential clients who will not know how to find your "new name".


The number 2 most critical mistake most entrepreneurs (and website owners in general) make is assuming that having a website designed means that the designer will do everything once you hire them.

Before hiring a designer there are a lot of hours of layout and content that is NOT included in website design. This is something you will need to draft and create. If you do what someone to create a full blown marketing, image and content campaign that type of service will be out of reach for most entrepreneurs and most small business owners of any type.

Launching a "successful" site takes hours of vision, planning and writing content before you hire a website designer. Many business owners think the site designer will do this for them. Wrong!

Think of it this way, you need to conceive and birth the baby and the designer will find the perfect wardrobe for the baby to dress for success. If the message is weak it won't matter how pretty the clothes are.


The 3rd most critical mistake most entrepreneurs (and website owners in general) make is not planning and having access to edit their site once created.

I hear you. Oh, I don't know how to work on websites. I wouldn't want to mess things up. Ok I get that, but I also say if you can do basic word processing there are many, many, many quick and easy changes that will keep your site fresh that you can do yourself. Still intimidated? You can hire a virtual assistant or even a high school student to help you.

Follow up work by web designer usually has to be scheduled. A drawback if you have a quick special you want to run or a last minute class you are offering. The charge is usually by the hour and is more costly per hour than design work.

When would this be beneficial to me? You find a new slogan you want to immediately replace your old one. You hire someone new and you want to add them to the contacts list. Your phone number changed and you want it updated now. You enjoy blogging and want to do that regularly. You find a spelling mistake in the content and want it corrected fast. You're hosting a special give away and want it on the site before your clients get the email link to that page. You get the picture.

When you grow into a larger enterprise or empire you can adjust to having others handle all of this. While you are growing these tips can boost your success faster and allow your domain to grow along with you.


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