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Spring Equinox

19MAR22 Ospreys nesting on the Pamlico River
19MAR22 Ospreys nesting on the Pamlico River by KVGorham

Spring is here. The sun will cross the equator heading north at 11:33 am ET March 20, 2022 and enter the northern hemisphere signaling the beginning of spring. Our hemisphere is tilted more toward the sun and the days begin to get warmer. as the daylight hours get longer.

Nature knows it is time to wake from winter, feed, migrate, nest and breed. Perpetuation of the species.

Humans too sense this change. We often hear said that in spring love is in the air. We spring clean our homes and make way for the new.

As spring wakens abundance is prolific everywhere we look in nature. This is a great sign for us to

clear away our inner feelings of lack and make way for abundance in our lives.

As the flowers and blossoms unfold we too begin to open up. With more sunlight we see things from a more abundant perspective.

It's all about a fresh start. What will you do with your fresh start this spring?


Unknown member
Mar 20, 2022

The picture you took of the ospreys building their new nest is so symbolic

Replying to

Thank you. Great point.

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