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Walk in Nature

Why is it that we feel so good when we spend time in nature?

Maya leading the way on the trail.

Over the years I've heard many people say that it is beneficial to spend time in nature. Go sit under a tree. Put your hands in dirt. Walk by the ocean. Nature. Nature. Nature. Obviously with so many people promoting and encouraging everyone to spend time in nature there must be a benefit.

Yes, we are outside. We are in the sun. We are breathing fresh air. I get all that, but WHY? Why does it help? Why do we feel good? What is the benefit? What am I getting out of it?

It wasn't until I heard Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels explain it that it all made sense and it felt so supportive and perfect.

"... we've got to remember that all of the trees and the blades of grass and every plant and every rock and every mountain, every drop of water in the ocean is holding the frequency of pure love."

Ah...we are attracted to the frequency of pure love. Now that makes perfect sense. Who wouldn't want to feel that yummy sensation? Who wouldn't feel better surrounded by the frequency of pure undiluted love?

We human are not necessarily tuned into the frequency of pure love, but nature is. We go there to recharge and discharge. We can release and let go of anything we're feeling that is not resonating at the frequency of pure love. Mother Earth is not harmed by taking on any negativity that we release. She just takes it and transforms it back into pure love.

What a beautiful gift! Thank you Mother Earth, Mother Gaia.



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