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I was in the garden the other day doing some weeding. And it occurred to me that weeds are like those things in business and life that may be stopping us, slowing us down or getting in our way.

Some of the weeds can easily be plucked out by hand, roots and all. Others are stronger weeds and require a tool to extract them. While some are so deep that the roots go way beyond where we expected and the longer we ignore them the more entrenched the become.

Things in our business or service can be like that too. Some are small easily handled chores or issues and we move on. Like a task to be handled such as sending out an email, making a phone call, handling some paperwork. Things that when taken care of as soon as they arise and they don't hamper our progress or drain our energy.

Others are stronger issues that may require us to seek the help of others to get through them. We may need a someone to help us with tax issues, payroll issues, websites or marketing. We have the outline of what needs to be done, but other professionals have the expertise to make it happen and free our energy to keep doing what we love.

The really deep issues show up:

  • as not being able to charge what we're worth

  • as not having the confidence to put ourselves out there

  • as struggling to create that program we want to offer

  • or inability to finish the book we've been working on

The really deep issues show up as all those things that could be stopping us, slowing us down or getting in our way. Sometimes we don't even recognize they are there as they become a part of who we are. The not good enough, not valuable enough, not old enough, not talented enough, not abundant enough, not worthy enough and all the other "not enoughs" that creep into our experience.

Bucket of weeds in Kathryn's garden
The truth is that there is and always has been more than enough.

These limiting beliefs or false beliefs, once surrendered, can free us. How? There are many ways that I work through limiting beliefs with clients, however I want to offer you a tool today to implement in your garden when the weeds show up.

When a limiting or false belief gets your attention and you feel, sense or see the weed growing, then with your intention, surround it with violet fire. This is the energy of your crown chakra. It is the energy of forgiveness and transformation. Just close your eyes and do this with your intention. Let the weed soak in this violet fire. As the energy transforms you may sense, see or feel the color change to white with golden sparkles.

Once you've done that, it is time to fill up with faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in your value. Faith in your worth. Take a breath in and as you release the breath ask to be filled up with faith in yourself.

Divine oneness, Mother Father God, fill me up with faith in myself, with confidence, courage and creativity. Fill me up. Fill me up. Fill me up. Thank you. And so it is.


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