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What are you filling up with?

In our technological, instant gratification world with input coming from every direction what are you filling up with?

Are you filling up with

  • Social media content beeping in at every hour of the day

  • Stress over time, money, family, relationships, health, news,

  • Work and deadlines and stress

  • Apps and busy distractions

  • Shopping

  • News and fear

  • TV and overstimulation to consume

  • Politics and separation

  • Negative comments of others

  • Sports and competition

  • Violence and hate in games, books and movies

  • Worry over life, money, health and state of the world

  • Overwhelm with trying to do it all

  • Too little time and too much to do

Breathe. Stop and breathe. Just reading that list can cause stress and overwhelm. Wether we intend to or not we absorb a lot of the above just being human on schoolroom Earth. It is certainly ingrained in the human collective.

We are programmed to believe that this is normal and acceptable.

I disagree

that any of that is normal or acceptable to our true nature. We are not human beings first. We are spirit beings first. Yet in our consumer oriented society we have very little time and focus spent on filling up our spirit, our divine self.

What effect would it have on our world if more and more people spent a few minutes each day filling up their spirit?

I believe it would certainly tip the human collective to a more loving and open space from which to live, share and enjoy life.

Divine Source fill me today and every day with...

true acknowledgment. Fill me with the validation that truth flows through me. Fill me with the validation that I am important. Fill me with the knowing that I matter. Fill me with courage, generosity and a clear vessel through which to receive.

Fill me with loving attention, true affection, happiness, and the right to be happy.

Fill me today and every day with positive attention, kindness, praise and validation. Fill me with vitality, peace, abundant LOVE, compassion, awareness and abundance. Fill me with heaven on earth in all ways possible.

Prayer inspired by the teachings of Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels


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