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AI in Heart-Centered Business: Zen of Business Metrics

I hope this message finds you riding high on the waves of entrepreneurial success, or at the very least, dog paddling with style.😄 We're all in the same ocean, right?

I've got something a bit different for you today.

Ever wondered what would happen if you threw a little zen, a sprinkling of business metrics, and a good dash of artificial intelligence into a blender? Well, wonder no more! I've got a video right here that does exactly that.

This quirky little number is the result of a business mastermind challenge with ChatGPT, Eleven Labs, and D-ID. We dove headfirst into the world of AI to bring you the 'Zen of Business Metrics'. It's all about mixing mindful management with hard numbers, while having a bit of a laugh along the way.

I promise it's not as scary as it sounds! In fact, it's more like sitting cross-legged on a mountain of spreadsheets, chanting "ROI is just a state of mind." Sounds fun, doesn't it? 😉

Now, I know what you're thinking, "AI... in my business? But I'm all about the heart-centered approach!"

Well, my friends, who says you can't have both? We're in the era of the New Business Paradigm after all. We get to make the rules. We get to blend the best of both worlds – the warmth of human connection with the efficiency of AI.

If this video sparks your curiosity, how about we take it a step further? I'm considering offering some classes on how to integrate AI into the New Business Paradigm, all while keeping our businesses heart-centered. Because, let's face it, we can't stop the AI train, but we can certainly hop on and steer it in a direction that feels right to us.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to embrace the future and add a new tool to your entrepreneurial toolbox? Drop a comment below and let me know if you're interested in these classes. And remember, there's no such thing as a silly question or comment. We're all here to learn, grow, and support each other.

Keep shining, Purple Door Entrepreneurs. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Kathryn 💜

Purple Door Entrepreneur

P.S. If you're an entrepreneur with a heart-centered business that drives positive change and aligns with your values and desires, we invite you to join our New Business Paradigm Community at Purple Door Entrepreneur. Together, we can contribute to a brighter future for all by embracing this new way of doing business. Click the link to join us today.

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